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Sterling Power Pro Ultra - 12 Volt 60 Amp Battery Charger




Power Factor Correction
Power efficiency of the Pro Charge Ultra is significantly higher than its predecessors. The PCU runs at >90% efficiency and the power factor is rated at 0.99PFC this is in contrast to a non-PFC charger which runs at approximately 65% efficiency. Thus, the same power output with a reduced power input saving you money on kilowatt-hours. Other major benefits of PFC allows the unit to run off a dirty / modified / quasi sine wave from a generator (example). The other advantage of this technique is less heat is liberated during operation, therefore reduced use of fan.

Synchronized Rectification
Modern, synchronized rectification with MOSFET technology makes the Pro Charge Ultra Series 9% more effective. Less heat liberated and increased efficiency are also features of this latest technology.  Boasting an elegant yet functional design.

The Pro Charge Ultra housing was designed by a renowned American product designer. In the foreground stands optimal function and clean lines. The housing is made of plastic and the back is made of well protected metal plate with the latest corrosion coatings, all other metal fixtures and fittings are stainless steel or non ferrous.

11 preset charging algorithms & 1 custom set 
The Pro Charge Ultra has 11 different charging characteristics for corresponding types of batteries: Gel, AGM, sealed, open, calcium, LiFePO4. If these should not suffice there is 1 customizable setting which the user can set themselves - simply enter the absorption and float voltages then press enter and the settings save.

Automatic Desulphation / Equalization
Every 7-10 days the Pro Charge Ultra undertakes a desulphation / equalisation and anti-stratification program which keeps your batteries young and rejuvenated.

Performance monitoring LED bar
A bar of LEDs display the percentage to which the Pro Charge Ultra battery charger is operating at. This is easily and quickly recognised at a glance and can be easily analysed.

32 LED display
32 LEDs built in to the front panel provides all the necessary information about the charger including: charging status, battery chemistry select, temperature and voltage warnings along with many others.

Redundant high voltage protection device
In the event of a failure of the main processor this unit provides another safety system to shut off the device.  Doubling the levels of security.

 Variable fan speed
The internal temperature of the device ultimately runs the speed of the fan. This guarantees a minimum possible noise. 
So called ‘thermostatically controlled force draft cooling’

Programmable power reduction
The Pro Charge Ultra can also charge with variable performance levels. The following performance levels available are: 100%, 75%, 50% & 25%. This can be controlled via the front panel or via programming the remote control. Power reduction is often used if the power supply to the charger is inadequate (e.g. small generator) but still enables competent levels of battery charging. Another benefit of power reduction is to reduce fan noise, as less heat is liberated.

Three isolated charge outputs (PCU 12V/10A has 2 outputs)
The Pro Charge Ultra has 3 isolated charging outputs. 3
batteries or battery banks can charge without the batteries themselves being interconnected, e.g. Starter, domestic and generator starter battery.

Small, lightweight and powerful
The Pro Charge Ultra series is characterised  by its very compact, low
weight and small footprint structure. The 12V / 60A model only weighs

Voltage + Current LED display
2 LED matrix displays. The left matrix displays the voltage output from the charger and the right matrix displays the current leaving the charger.

Splash protection
For vertical mounting, the unit has drip water protection. The protection class is IP22. It meets the requirements of the ABYC drip test.

New features on this product surpassing that of standard battery chargers include:
1) 11 pre-programmed battery curves including: Open/Sealed lead acid, AGM, Gel, LiFePO4.
2) 1 custom set, can be set from charger, unlike our competitors there is no need for a computer to do this operation, all can be done from the front panel.
3) 2 x digital meters for current and voltage measurement and a 32 LED information display.
4) 1 x power meter to show what reserve power left in the unit.
5) PFC, active, up to 0.99 PF, ensuring efficient power conversion, up to almost 90% as opposed to about 60% for older, non-PFC technology.
6) % power reduction to allow unit to work with restricted power available (available on local control or remote control panel). 
7) De-sulphation auto cycle built in to software.
8) New, low activity, standby mode to increase battery life.
9) Battery health program every 7-10 days .
10) Multiple speed fan control. This reduces unnecessary fan noise experienced by the customer, even though the new extreme efficiency reduces the need for fans. At high ambient temperatures (40-50 deg C), however, fans would still be required to ensure operation.
11) Primary (processor digitally controlled) and an emergency backup secondary (analogue controlled) high voltage trip.
12) 32 LED information panel to ensure maximum information transmitted to owner.
13) Internal scan and systems check to ensure product is okay.
14) Remote control option.
15) Small footprint and light weight.
16) Include battery temperature sensor to give temperature compensation and high temp trip.
17) As with all our marine chargers all metals used are non-ferrous or heavily protected, so no corrosion. 
18) New synchronised rectification output as opposed to diode output, giving up to an extra 9% efficiency.
19) Conforms to ABYC drip test, is waterproof from water directly dropped on to the top of the unit (+/ - 17 deg) if installed correctly (vertically).
20) Thermostatically controlled force draft cooling.
21) The printed circuit boards are conformal coated for high humidity and salt air operations.

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