New product

Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module 12V 60A




This all new battery chemistry module (BCM) is a versatile and intelligent solution to charging multiple battery chemistries and different voltage levels (12V and 24V) from one multi-output battery charger. Simply install the unit between the charger and the batteries to regulate the voltage given out.

The problems: 

1) With the myriad of battery chemistries on the market comes the unique challenge of charging them at the correct bulk / absorption and float voltages (as recommended by the manufacturers’). Failing to charge them at these profiles shall lead to shortened life spans and/or significant under / over charging of them. 

A common setup would be a 3 output charger feeding: a Gel starter battery (abs. 14.1V), a flooded/open lead acid house bank (abs. 14.8V) and a sealed lead acid generator starter (abs. 14.4V). Gel batteries are the most sensitive to high voltage so the charger would have been set at the Gel profile at risk of reducing its life span. In this example, the Gel gets charged at its optimal profile. However, the open lead acid battery is significantly under charged due to its much higher internal resistance. Therefore, the charge rate could be in the region of 3 - 4 times lower at 14.1V than at its optimal 14.8V.

2) There are many cases of both 12V and 24V battery banks being used onboard - e.g. a 12V starter and a 24V bow thruster. Resolving this issue typically involves the use of two chargers (12V & 24V). However, this method incurs much extra cost (two AC plugs, two AC cables and the cost of the extra charger etc). The BCM provides a solution.

The solution: The BCM will take the input voltage from a battery charger and boost the voltage up to a user selectable 5 stage charging profile (9 selectable). It will work with any battery charger and will rise the voltage from 12V to a 24V charging profile if required, or vice versa.

 Product Information

1) Easy installation, break the charge cable and

insert the unit w/ negative cable.

2) Will convert any single stage charger into

a multiple stage charger.

3) 12-24V, 24-12V, 24V-24V and 12V-12V


4) Retro fit with an existing charger.

5) 9 selectable battery chemistries (FLA, SLA,

AGM, Gel, Calcium, LiFePO4)

6) Temperature compensation sensor, charge

rate fluctuates with ambient temperature.

7) Remote battery sense for each module.

8) 6 LED charge and warning information LEDs

9) Fail safe, reverts to basic charge function in

event of a failure.

10) High battery temperature trip. Every battery

can be monitored and unit’s voltage reduced in

event of battery temperature problems on any

11) Ignition / signal feed to link in with a Sterling

Pro Split R alternator splitting system. This

allows the output to be further split.

12) Requires multi output charger with live

voltage on terminals to activate this unit.

Volt in Volt out Amps (in)  Code

12 v      12 v       60          BCM1260