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Victron VE Net Panel




Victron VE Net Panel is designed to give you battery and system monitoring with full control for all the Victron VE Net devices that are connected to it.

VE.Net Panel

The VE.Net Panel provides a user interface to all connected VE.Net devices. This could be one or more VE.Net Battery Controllers, VE.Net Generator Modules, regular Victron Energy equipment such as inverters and the Multi Inverter/Charger combination, or other third party equipment.

Intuitive user interface

The information available from all the available devices on the network will be displayed in a simple, easy to read format. This format will be the same for all connected devices. Therefore the user only has to become familiar with one user interface.

Plug and play - no setup needed!

To install the panel you have to connect it to the VE.Net network with a standard UTP cable. After power up, the panel searches for all the available VE.Net devices on the network and automatically loads them.


The VE.Net Panel has a buzzer and a set of contacts, which both can be setup to activate when there is an alarm on the VE.Net.

Main Features:

  • Full control & monitoring of all connected VE.Net devices
  • Integrated VE.Net to VE.Bus Converter (VVC)
  • Real-time system status read-outs
  • Customizable overview screens
  • Special mounting frame for front or back side mounting (only GX-model)
  • Easy to install


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